Instructions for session convenors and scientific secretaries

Before the conference

Please contact speakers and follow the list of registrants.

There is a way to get the list of all your speakers from InDiCo: login, click on Contributions, select all (or some of them, or select your WG with the filter mechanism, as you wish) click on “Author list”. Then you have various lists, and you can choose “Presenters”, click on “send” will open an email to all of them. You can choose to display the list as well.

We have a significant number of cancellations of accepted (and scheduled) talks. You are regularly informed about withdrawals.  There are also several talks given by the same speaker now. Please check regularly that the schedule of your session blocks stays compact and consistent, and you may want to join (and shorten) talks which are given by the same person finally.

During the conference

Note that the coffee breaks start at 10h30 and 16h00 and the lunch break officially starts at 12h30.

Please keep the timing, delays may prevent the participants and speakers from following the breaks, meeting people or moving from one ession to another, which is one of the attractive features of the parallel sessions.

The lunch breaks are sometimes flexible (there is a HF session going to 13h00, for instance, and a few other variations). The caterer will be instructed to distribute the lunch boxes until 13h30 at least, however the sessions going beyond 12h30 should really keep the time.

The meeting rooms have all more than 100 places. There will be stages with a lectern (speaker's desk) and two tables with four chairs. (You can choose to install all conveners on the stage etc.)

Scientific Secretariat

The Scientific Secretariat is in "salle Escalette".

Each room has a scientific secretary assigned:

  • Endoume 1 : Alessandro Mordà
  • Endoume 2 : Benoît Serra
  • Endoume 3 : Ottilia Ducu
  • Callelongue : Daniele Madaffari
  • Sormiou : Yoshikazu Nagai
  • Morgiou : Kazuya Mochizuki

They will setup the computers and will provide you with a laser pointer and countdown panels (10 min, 5 min, 2 min, 0 min, angry) in the morning and at the beginning of each session block.

Direct links to session management

For your convenience here is a list of direct links into session management (schedule, speaker assignment) in InDiCo. (Not all links will work for all convenors, obviously.)