Instructions for Speakers


Please check timely enough, if all of your contributions are displayed in InDiCo, after login with your account, under "My Conference :: My Contributions". Session convenors (and conference managers) can attribute the permissions, if needed. All presentations should be uploaded via indico (PDF, OOo/LibreOffice or PPT formats). We request that all speakers submit their transparencies to InDiCo two hours before the session block of their presentation. (That is in principle on the evening before for morning sessions and before the lunch break for afternoon sessions.)

There will be a Scientific Secretariat office installed in room Escalette (first floor), all questions and assistance can be obtained during opening hours (Monday-Wednesday and Friday 8h00-18h30, Thursday 8h00-12h30).

There will be no time to upload talks during the sessions via USB stick. Switching computers is not permitted. Exceptionally late submissions can be uploaded to the computers in the session room remotely from the Scientific Secretariat (salle Escalette).

All speakers, but in particular those who do not submit their transparencies in PDF, should check the rendering of their file on the test computer in the Scientific Secretariat as soon as they have arrived on the conference site.

Please keep in mind that during the parallel sessions of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, there will be an expected delivery rate of 6×4/h = 24 talks per hour or one talk every 2½ minutes during four hours. It will be impossible to handle each of them as a last-minute request.


The proceedings will be published via a professional world-wide connected and indexed editor. We will give preference to an editor connected to an open-access journal and will select with priority an online publishing option. A fast publication of the proceedings is also among our goals.