Plenary Speakers


 April 22, 2013






Status and future of PDFs from a theoretical perspective




Juan Rojo


Recent experimental constraints on proton structure




Voica Radescu


Polarised proton structure including future of intensity




Marco Stratman


Precision QCD measurements in DIS 




Olaf Behnke


Multi Parton interactions : theory and exp. facts




Markus Diehl


Precision QCD at hadron machines




Piergiulio Lenzi


Hot strong matter




Barbara Erazmus


New Results from Tevatron 




Costas Vellidis


Higgs and Electrowek EW at LHC




Michiel Sanders


Energy Frontier at LHC




Seema Sharma








  April 26, 2013







WG1 Highlights Structure functions




K. Lipka, C. Keppel, P. Nadolski


WG2:  Highlights Smallx, Diffraction and VM




H. Abramowicz, J. Hollar, S. Wallon


WG3: Highlights Electroweak and searches




A. Oh, M. Stoye, A. Vicini


WG4: Highlights HFS and Precision QCD




A. Banfi, C. Glasman, B. Malaescu


WG5: Highlights Heavy Flavors




S. Nauman, M. Sauter, A. Szczurek


WG6: Highlights Spin Physics




M. Contalbrigo, M. Stolarski, F. Giordano, A Bachetta


WG7: Future DIS Experiments




N. Armesto, A Buniatyan, F. Sabatie


Strategy for PP in Europe and the world




R. Heuer


Closing Overview Talk




C. Quigg